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Luxury villa rental in Ars en Ré

A peaceful village of stone and water

Ars-en-Ré, an architectural wonder, is a real corner of paradise that will certainly please lovers of history and tranquility. Classified as one of the "most beautiful villages in France", the village stands out for its 7th century church and its famous belfry with its black and white bell tower. Stroll along the canal and venture into its charming alleyways full of flowers of hollyhocks to discover its superb white houses with green shutters and an architecture full of history. Not to mention the superb marina and the foreshore where you can enjoy the gentle scents of the sea.


Number of rooms

  1. 2+
  2. 3+
  3. 4+
  4. 5+
  5. 6+
  6. 7+

Equipment and Services

  1. Garden
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Heated swimming pool
  4. Beach in Ten
  5. Secure pool
  6. Children welcome
  7. Tennis
  8. Jacuzzi
  9. Private parking space


  1. Child-friendly villas
  2. Family friendly villas
  3. Fully staffed villas
  4. Heated pool villas
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Types of property

  1. Architectural villas
  2. Luxury villas
9 Villa Villas
170 € - 674 €per night
8 4 2

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
170 4
220 € - 874 €per night
8 4 3

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
220 4
400 € - 1 209 €per night
10 (12 max.) 7 5

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
400 7
1 264 € - 2 474 €per night
10 5 5

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
1264 5
145 € - 470 €per night
6 3 2

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
145 3
212 € - 558 €per night
5 3 3

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
212 3
191 € - 1 000 €per night
12 5 3

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
191 5
397 € - 845 €per night
8 4 4

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
397 4
350 € - 883 €per night
10 5 3

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
350 5

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A village with incomparable charm 

The village of Ars-en-Ré is easily recognizable by its magnificent black and white bell tower, which rises to a height of 40 metres. It is even possible to see it from the bridge leading from La Rochelle to Ile de Ré. The village is entirely articulated around its superb Romanesque and Gothic style church, built in the 7th century and used to guide boats to enter the bay of Fier d'Ars. The village is then made up of many quiet and warm alleys leading to a superb marina. Stroll along the quay and admire the spectacle of boats entering and leaving the port. Ars-en-Ré is also a huge foreshore where sea lovers can try their hand at fishing on foot and water sports. 

A unique architecture

If you like architecture and old buildings, we advise you to go for a walk near the church of Ars-en-Ré, a real jewel of history. Then let yourself be carried away by the serene and tranquil atmosphere of the village as you stroll through the flowered streets of hollyhocks. You will certainly discover pretty houses with unusual architecture such as the Seneschal house dating from the 15th century. The flea market in Ars-en-Ré is also worth a look. Organized on the port, you will certainly find curiosities, old books or souvenirs to take home.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Ars en Ré?

VILLANOVO offers 9 villas in the destination Ars en Ré with prices ranging from 145 € to 1264 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalogue. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.