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Pet-friendly villa rentals in Île de Ré

Villa rentals on Île de Ré that accept pets

Because pets are a valuable part of the family, Villa-Île de Ré does everything possible to ensure that you can travel with your furry friend. We therefore offer you a selection of villas that allow animals, this way your little family stays together and your holidays are complete. Don't worry about your pet's absence anymore and leave together!


Île de Ré

  1. Les Portes en Ré
  2. Ars en Ré
  3. Le Bois-Plage en Ré

Number of rooms

  1. 4+
  2. 5+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Children welcome
  3. Heated swimming pool
  4. Beach in Ten
  5. Secure pool
  6. Garden
  7. Private parking space
  8. Jacuzzi


  1. Child-friendly villas
  2. Family friendly villas
  3. Fully staffed villas
  4. Heated pool villas
  5. Pet-friendly villas
  6. Pretty villas with low prices
  7. Villas near the city
  8. Villas near the sea
  9. Villas with a garden
  10. Villas with jacuzzi

Types of property

  1. Architectural villas
  2. Luxury villas
5 Villa Villas
196 € - 749 €per night
8 4 3

Île de Ré - Les Portes en Ré
196 4
170 € - 674 €per night
8 4 2

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
170 4
199 € - 763 €per night
8 4 3

Île de Ré - Les Portes en Ré
199 4
1 264 € - 2 474 €per night
10 5 5

Île de Ré - Ars en Ré
1264 5
505 € - 1 000 €per night
10 4 2

Île de Ré - Le Bois-Plage en Ré
505 4

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Travelling with your pet is possible

Ile de Ré appeals to and attracts many travellers thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes, its rich cultural heritage and the warmth of its people. An island where life is good all year round and where each season is unlike any other. Ré la Blanche has large spaces that will certainly please your pet. So, go hiking together and let your companion discover the pleasures of running on vast  beaches. A trip that will be more enjoyable with your pet!

Villas on Île de Ré where your four-legged best friend is welcomed

Leaving your pet on holiday breaks your heart? Worry no more, Villa-Île de Ré has the solution! We have selected beautiful villas just for you that will meet all your expectations. With large outdoor areas for your companion to exercise, close to vineyards to enjoy the fresh air or with house staff to be able to recharge your batteries alongside your loved ones, our villas can be adapted to all your desires. So don't hesitate any longer, enjoy an unforgettable holiday by renting one of our villas that accept pets!