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How to get to Ile de Ré?

Written on : 21 January 2020
By : Colombe Taddei
How to get to Ile de Ré?

Despite being a rather small island, it is surprisingly easy to get to Ile de Ré from various locations. There are options to suit everyone: by car, boat, train or even plane. Keep reading to find out which transportation method is more appropriate for you!

By Car: Driving to Ile de Ré is easy and probably the most convenient means of transport for families with children.There is a bridge which links La Rochelle to the first village of the island, Rivedoux-Plage. Since the 1st of January 2012, there is a crossing tax which varies from 8 to 16 euros depending on the season. Driving from Paris to Ile de Ré is 4h30, from Nantes 1h45 and from Bordeaux 2h.

By Boat: There is the possibility of getting to Ile de Ré by boat, by taking a boat from La Rochelle to Saint-Martin. For those who already have a boat and would like a space in one of the villages’s harbours, here are the contact details:

Port of Ars: +33 (0)5 46 29 25 10 or 
Port of La Flotte: +33 (0)5 46 09 67 66 or 
Port of Rivedoux-Plage: +33 (0)5 46 09 39 39 or 
Port of Saint-Martin: +33 (0)5 46 09 26 69 or 

By Plane: To reach Ile de Ré, flying can usually be quite convenient as there are various options available. It is possible to fly to Nantes or Bordeaux and then rent a car and cross the bridge or book a taxi. There is also an airport in La Rochelle which welcomes direct flights from Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Ajaccio; Leeds, London, Manchester, Bristol, Geneva, Birmingham, Southampton, Brussels, Dublin and Porto. Once in La Rochelle, it is possible to rent a car or book a taxi to reach the island.

By train: The last option is to take the high speed railway service TGV Atlantique from Paris, Nantes or Bordeaux to La Rochelle. Paris to La Rochelle is a 3 hour journey.

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